Real Property Taxes are administered by the Pinellas County Tax Assessor’s Office.  The Assessor’s Office will provide a preliminary notice of assessment in August of each year ("TRIM Notice"), at which time the legal owner of the real property may protest the assessment.  No action is necessary if the assessment is accepted.  Real Property Tax bills are mailed the second week of November.


The Pinellas County Tax Assessor's Office at  has publicly stated that annual Real Property Taxes for Condominiums is calculated as follows:


Market Value

x .85

Assessed Value

x Mill (or Tax) Rate

Annual Real Property Taxes


The methodology for Single Family Homes is the same except .84 is used to arrive at the Assessed Value.   The 2015 City of Clearwater Mill Rate is 0.02117%.  Mill rates will vary from municipality to municipality.  Real Property Taxes are payable annually in arrears, may be paid using the following early payment discount schedule:

             November   4%
             December   3%
             January       2%
             February     1%

Payments received in March are payable at face value.  They become delinquent April 1st.


If the property you purchase is your Principal Residence, you may declare it as your "Homestead."  Your Assessed Value will then be reduced by $25,000 with an additional $25,000 reduction for all taxing jurisdictions except the Pinellas County Schools.  There are additional lesser deductions available for certain groups.  Assessed Value increases are capped each year at the lesser of the Consumer Price Index or 3%.  There are specific rules and deadlines that you must follow to Homestead your Principal Residence which may be found on the Pinellas County Tax Assessor's web site.

Paul Gibson
Paul Gibson